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2023  .  

'New Track: “After Dark”'

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An ode to the hidden worlds that come alive on the other side of our eyelids when we sleep. (And, for those who remember, some pretty darn cool screensavers.)

This latest humble offering is now presented to you via your preferred online vendor of aural consumables.


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2022  .  

'New Album: “Differential Light”'

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A few more explorations in electroacoustic tune synthesis made over the past year (and one from 2006) compiled as an EP is available for consumption at an online aural pancake peddler of choice near you…


'New Single: Blueshift'

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So the fresh serving of images captured by @nasawebb released yesterday are nothing short of breathtaking. Another giant leap in understanding what’s out there and our place in it all. The human abstract is indeed a profound one, how we can manage to sink to the lowest depths of wreaking division and hatred or aspire to be wise, brave, temperate and just, and in our ongoing quest to fathom the universe we always draw inspiration and hope, as tiny a fragment of its dynamic tapestry though our existence may entail. It's not the abundance of darkness that we are innately drawn to, but the simple yet awesomely enigmatic points of light.

Anyway, here's a new aural offering from ALP, a track now available to download at Bandcamp. The rest of what will be an EP called ‘Differential Light’ aims to also be out there in a few days.


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2017  .  

'Album Review: Ellipsis'

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'New Album Release: Ellipsis'

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Ellipsis is the eighth album of electro-acoustic ambient space rock released by North Carolina-based musical studio artist Irfan Azam, alias Anomalous Leaf. While proceeding the mellow tones of 'You Are Here' (2013), which raged in part along the new-age vein, Ellipsis sidesteps toward a more unvarnished guitar-centric peal.

The album also features the axe-wielding prowess of Matt Oberst "The Ignatious Sledgehammer" (Sorry About Dresden) who, in his heart-wrenching last studio performance, lent his unique guitar phrasings of beautiful dissonance to Sojourner (parts V-VII) and on an early version of Ring Road (included as bonus track). Matt left the world too soon after these recordings were made, but not before being key in inspiring and encouraging the vision that sparked the venture. Ellipsis is dedicated to a teacher, friend and collaborator, in memoria coli.

With themes rooted in expedition and the common quest for a place in the universe and meanings in life--the light, reason and dreams encapsulated in Ellipsis intertwine to challenge confusion, ignorance and darkness; it serves as a fitting capsule of such a time and another notable chapter in the ALP repertoire.


'Ellipsis Available for Pre-Order'

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Anomalous Leaf will release a new album, Ellipsis, to tune peddlers everywhere on March 31, 2017.

Pre-orders of Ellipsis at iTunes and Amazon, etc. come with the immediate download of album opener "Starstuff"...


'New Release on Bandcamp for ACLU Benefit'

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This Friday… something new from ALP comes to Bandcamp. If you’re in the market for some new music, why not this Friday?
Help support ACLU Nationwide, who are working to oppose last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States, and also check out the article below for more great music from around the world…

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2013  .  

'New Album Release: You Are Here'

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You Are Here is now available at an online music vendor of choice near you.  Meditate, contemplate, jam and float along to this iridescent collection of twelve freshly-squeezed tracks of ambient space music..

- AmazonMP3:
- iTunes:

Also, a limited-time special offer to download the YOU ARE HERE digital package including full tracks and liner art booklet, which is now available at Bandcamp for a limited time...

Thanks for lending your ears and moral support. I hope you enjoy the music!

'Earendel Desktop Wallpaper'

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A guiding light for the desktop: ALP's first wallpaper offering features the cover art of 'Earendel' ..and is presented for your downloading at deviantART!

'Qute a lot has been a-spring here in the wild...'

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Quite a lot has been a-spring here in the wild, wonderful and sometimes frightening world of ALP that may or may not need mentioning, such as the release of Earendel, another downloadable single from the upcoming album, "You Are Here" (LINK), the upcoming release of said album in mid-March, as far as plans may go, and the timely unveiling of a website redesign, here, that has been the past couple of blue moons in the making. The new album was recorded mostly during the span of several inspired weeks in the early middle of last year, when the heavens graciously opened up and decided that the time for new ambient space music was now again. (Much of Darkest Hearth came also from theese sessions).  "You Are Here" contains some slices of heart and soul, and is, by slightly more than a small way, a musical allegory amounting to ambient-space-jazz-rock proportions.  So enjoy Earendel in the meanwhile, and please stay tuned for much more to come...

'Track Release: Earendel'

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Posting another early sampling from project "You Are Here"... ablaze with plans to release the new album in mid-March..

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2012  .  

'New Album Release: Darkest Hearth'

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Darkest Hearth is now available at a tune peddler near you.

Anomalous Leaf's sixth collection of ambient space rock music features new experimental ventures and uncut live-in-home-studio sessions of improvised curiosity dabbling in avant-garde jazz and beyond. Originally intended as an 'out-takes' album to compliment a runner-up LP release, the warm vibe of off-kilter live electroacoustic performance captured throughout these tracks works to resolve this release on its own humble merit.

- AmazonMP3:
- iTunes:

- Bandcamp:
- Spotify:

'Track Release: Darkest Hearth'

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As the world spirals hastily on, a new short album of experimentally organic space-rock, "Darkest Hearth," aims to reach your space-rock-compatible devices on OCTOBER 15th. Until then, accept a free offering of the album's title track...

'As far as plans might go...'

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As far as plans might go, the first of two releases currently in the pipes will likely be ready for aural consumption sooner than we'd think. Meanwhile, here's a dual prevue, one into the slightly farther future and the other from the increasingly distant past to download collectively as a relic of the present...


'Coming back to life...'

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Coming back to life, appraising a week of productivity here at ALP HQ. Plenty to be shared soon...

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2011  .  

'Ice Under Fire for Humanity First Benefit'

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Come download the new EP 'Ice Under Fire' in its entirety for a price of your naming over at Bandcamp. All proceeds will benefit ongoing efforts of relief in Japan by Humanity First. Thanks for helping!


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2010  .  

'Track Release: Wish'

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The opening track 'Wish' from the upcoming 5-track EP, Ice Under Fire, is free to download for any amount you would name for a limited time over at Bandcamp. Official release jazz that would include CDs, et. al., is planned for late January. Enjoy the snow!


'New music is a-brewing...'

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New music is a-brewing...

'New Album Release: All Needles Point North [Remastered]'

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So here it is, once more, with feeling. The remixed and mastered 'All Needles Point North' hits the iTunes today, and is on its way to hit the Amazon-mp3 fronts soon. Tangified music in the form of CDs are also on their way to order from Amazon. And for the casual listener, it's already up to stream on the radio-waves.

This release features many notable tracks from the original including 'Advent Time' and 'Campfire October', as well as a few from the previously unreleased range of early musical collections.

As a tangent point to note, this day also marks the availability of previous titles from the ALP catalogue on iTunes -- another stride in the mantra of being accessible to more of everyone more easily. So here's to hoping that this pans out nicely.

This sentence represents a massive bow of appreciation which goes to all ye who have shown support for this project through the ages..

And another point to mention--any and all monies from the sale of this album received during this month of May will be donated to aid current relief efforts in improvished disaster areas, a la Haiti. So go ahead and order yourself a copy, and for your friends and enemies and people you meet on the street. Thanks again in advance and in retrospect.

'Release Date Confirmed...'

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The May 1 release date is confirmed...The revamped 'All Needles Point North' is coming soon to an online ice cream vendor of choice near you...

'The next release is in the pipeline...'

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The next release is in the pipeline! This one is gonna be big(ger)...

"Not before Anomalous gained a modest online fan base in 2007 with the release of All Needles Point North did the album soon go out of print with the closing of its independent host production label due to managerial issues. Anomalous Leaf now brings this album back in fuller glory with original tracks remixed and mastered, and also throws in some bonus tracks from the unreleased early years."

The tentative release date is May 1. Stay tuned...

'New Album Release: Shines And Shadows'

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Shines and Shadows is now streaming on and is available to buy in mp3 form over at the Amazon-mp3 store. Physical CDs are also coming to Amazon soon!

"Shines and Shadows is a collection of some of the more memorable among the artist's early musical experiments. The album features tunes from the 'unreleased' Anomalous albums that were produced during 2004-2006."

Perhaps some obvious omissions noted in this particular collection will likely come forth in some form just in a couple of months (as far as hasty plans may go). More on that later... For now, enjoy, feedback, and do keep posted...

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2009  .  

'The process of digging through the archives...'

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The processes of digging through the archives has led to some remixing and remastering here in the microprocessed mobile studio realm of ALP sporadically over the course of recent months. The cumulative upshot of this is the impending release of two new full-length albums of retro-collected musical works in the experimental ambient space-rock realm.

Archived pieces which have been revitalized by way of some proverbial polishing, remastering and even, in some cases, re-renditioning, are on the table. These albums will thus represent the long well-intended-and-finally-realized putting-out of the better bits of the "unreleased" years of Anomalous's musical production--aural moments captured during the more productive parts of the 2004-2007 period--as has long been promised.

Stay tuned... the releases are planned to be available not long after the turning of the decade, not so far off. Until then... enjoy the seasonal turkey and descending leaves!

'FREE DOWNLOAD - Ebb and Flow (First Draft)'

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The unreleased first draft of "Ebb and Flow" from the 2008 album 'Embers of November' is afloat as a free mp3 download made possible through a new online promotional program sponsored by Microsoft Windows.

Download the exclusive track here, and get 1000 more downloads free! (Link:


'New Album Release: Trapped In Time EP'

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The new Trapped In Time EP album is now available to order in both physical and spiritual form from the Amazon and AmazonMP3 online store. Check the Albums page for details. Its not meant to be Embers' unwitting runner-up album; Its actually the small first retrospective batch of old recordings that are planned for release. So look out for the spewing of a more comprehensive compilation or two, well intended to come forth sometime in the not-so-distant future...

"Trapped In Time is the second musical venture released under the Anomalous Leaf banner. Its an EP containing a few polished leftover tracks taken from recording sessions of 'Embers of November' as well as the unreleased independent albums that were recorded during 2006-2008."

Also, the slow yet apparently noticeable depletion in the amount of attention that this musical endeavor can be readily afforded by the me has not entirely brought it to a grinding halt on the creative front yet. Alongside rampant talks and plans about the retrospective releases, however slowly, new material is being churned and hope is never completely out of the question regarding the thought of a new album. Just give it time..

'There's a new album coming soon. It's called...'

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There's a new album coming soon. It's called Trapped In Time. It's an EP. Official blurb follows...

"The next musical venture to be released under the Anomalous Leaf banner is an EP containing some leftover tracks taken from recording sessions of 'Embers of November' as well as the independent unreleased albums that were recorded during 2006-2008."

So basically it's a 6-track collection of outtakes from the unreleasedes; stuff that was good enough not to trash but didn't quite fit thematically into anything at the time. Some are tracks from the albums, but most of these were used as gear-in exercises after long inactive recording periods while still in the middle of doing one of said albums. So they're experimentally rich yet simple enough to be accessible. And evocative, maybe. If the mood is set right...

Anyway, its hoped that the release will see the light sometime in mid-to-late June. Hope that you enjoy it...

'Quite a few changes have sprung up during the past few...'

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Quite a few changes have sprung up during the past few moon cycles that are worth mentioning. First and foremost among these - and probably the most encompassing - is the fact that this project has abdicated its former name of Anomalous to be seamlessly merged into the grander Anomalous Leaf scheme. There were several factors that led to this decision, each of which did pose a growing annoyance or burden in some form or another. At the end of the day, its much easier to manage a multi-faceted single identity rather than multiple individual ones. So there you have it. And now I don't have to share wikis with the three other Anomalouses that are apparently out there. Another big plus.

Second is the reissue of the album Embers of November under said new artist name. The new release includes some minor tweaks and stuff and is available to buy at The album is also available to download in mp3 format from the Amazon-mp3 service. Hopefully this more popular retail entity will make the album more easily accessible to everyone. So, enjoy!

The third change probably needs no mentioning; if you are here reading these words, you have probably already found your way to the new online home of the project. The old site, anomalous-audio, is being vacated slowly as things get to settle in over here, So just to let you know, check back here for updates and all that jazz.

Hopefully these changes will settle in and make things easier in general to look after. As always, feel free to shoot some feedback in (if you do, for some reason or another. have any strong positive or negative feelings about anything), and again a huge bow of thanks in advance or in retrospect to every one of you who has supported the project via friend-ing, commenting, listening, toasting or encouraging its continued progress.

And though things may seem to be quieting down in terms of productivity at this end, what with things such as life etc. kicking in, do keep a forward glance out for some well-intended future plans regarding an album of old classics to be revived at some time or other, from their restfull comas...

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2008  .  

'During the past few months there has been a bit of recording...'

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During the past few months there has been a little bit of recording and production here, perhaps for another album release at some future point. I fully appreciate all of your responses and feedback during this period; they have certainly been instrumental in encouraging the project on and I'd like to thank you all for that.

With regards to the immediate future, I will be embarking on a multi-month shore-leave towards the second and third world for some summertime retreating. While this period may well be the source of some great inspirations and oriental carbonated beverages, the lack of a stable connection to the online universe will part me from the ability to read or respond to any communications there from. So, my friends, past, present and, in particular, future, if your communications go unheeded for a disquieting amount of time, fear not! I'll be sure to catch up with everything in good time.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a new limited-time release of an old relic from Anomalous' budding history. The original recording of its sophomore album, "The Second Coming" will be available at the online store for the friendly price of $7.

The Second Coming:

The release will probably be kept up until the end of the year, as there are some future plans regarding a remastered compilation album. But we'll speak more about that upon another time...

'Also note the price change for...'

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Also note the price change for 'All Needles Point North' from $11.99 to $9.99. Nine is a sleek number. We like nines.

All Needles Point North was released in March 2007, the first public album release by Anomalous, and is available for purchase at the TTH Music Store.

'New Album Release: Embers of November'

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Cometh the day. The public release of Embers of November had been slated for February 19 in the hardcover diary of fate, and thus the latest chapter in the epic musical ventures of Anomalous is now available to buy. Many thanks go once again to the fine folks at TTH label for making the release available, and for their excellent service to the world of independent music. Their above-standard album production also remains a phenomenon unrivaled by any other in land or sea.

Embers of November is the progressive next step in Anomalous’ ongoing epic journey of deep thoughts and meditations captured in the aural dimension. Drawing a strong influence from the ever rising global storm fronts, the album chronicles world evolution as it cycles from birth and innocence to corruption and decay and back. Resonating with everything from powerful ambient-driven dreamscapes of experimentally stellar harmonies and beyond, Embers of November rests upon the peak of Anomalous' evolutionary wave of existence to date.

The album is available now at the TTH music store, or order directly from the albums page on this site. Once again, a huge arrow of thanks is owed to every friendly individual or entity who has encouraged or merely enjoyed the loins of this project as it has evolved over the past few years. So, thanks!

And by the way, the notion regarding the future purchasability of the earlier albums still floats. Keep posted, as the twin release of "Dusk of the Great Dawn" and "The Second Coming" makes its way in some form for anyone who may be interested in such relics of ancient history. And if interest still remains, there will be two unreleased albums left after that for the dealing. Until then, its good cheers from this end; enjoy the new album, and the warm February campfires.

'During the quiet interlude of recent months...'

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During the quiet interlude of recent months, much has advanced here in the microprocessed electrochemical domain of Anomalous. Recording of the new album, Embers of November, was finally completed by the end of December, and while wrapping strings on some final touches here, I feel fairly safe to announce that it's release should see the light of day by sometime early in February this year.

Embers of November is the next progressive step in Anomalous’ ongoing epic journey of deep thoughts and meditations captured in the aural dimension.

Drawing a strong influence from the ever rising global storm fronts, the album chronicles world evolution as it cycles from birth and innocence to corruption and decay and back. Resonating with everything from powerful ambient-driven dreamscapes of experimentally stellar harmonies and beyond, Embers of November rests upon the peak of Anomalous' evolutionary wave of existence to date. Stay tuned...and be sure to enjoy the samples that have been posted under the albums list.

Also, be sure to keep posted in the months to follow for the likely release of some of the earlier compilations for the benefit of any interested or mildly curious ears...

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2007  .  

'Since the independent release of All Needles Point North...'

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Since the independent release of All Needles Point North in March, the quiet months between then and now have seen the quiet and modest public rise of Anomalous in the online indie ambient and space rock scene. However, in the midst of this din, the churn of non-virtual progress and productivity at this end of the chain has never halted, at least never for too long. With new musical material having built up over the course of time, a new concept has been formulated and a new album is close at hand.

Embers of November, decidedly the new concept title, is the next step forward in Anomalous’ epic journey of deep thoughts and meditations captured in the aural dimension. As has been clearly manifested to the beholder by now, the refurnishing of this website abounds with new concept intimations, and trumpets the near-future release of the album, which is currently foreseen to will be completed and made available somehow by late 2007/early 2008. Stand by, and stay tuned…

Again, many thanks to each and every encouraging fan/spectator/bystander who has made possible everything that would otherwise be considered impossible, or at least considerably less possible than it has been. Enjoy the newly refurbished website, and be sure to keep posted for updates.

'All Needles Point North - CDs Available for Purchase'

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All Needles Point North is the first in the Anomalous catalogue to be publicly available for purchase, thanks to the magnificent individuals working at TTH Label… And their top-of-the-line album production, marked with ultra-resolution crisp cover art and top-of-the-line materials, makes for a product not to be missed, or found elsewhere in earth or sky! Pick up a copy from the online store, and thanks to all avid listeners and casual spectators of this project for all of your support.

'New Album: All Needles Point North'

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After a bit of toil, a major rearrangement to the studio room, and plenty of relaxing sunsets backed with a side of soda, Anomalous’ fifth and most ambitious album to date has been finalized. Read on for an expand on the essence:

"After three years of cloudy experimentation and open doors, the full ability of anomalous to produce lush soundscapes of ambient rock music has been tapped in the fifth full-length omnibus. The sound ranges from ethereal hard-rock to breathtaking ambient melodies, and everything in between. With its flash moments in Canada’s electronic scene, as well as floating through the chiming fog of indie and techno-rock, the diverse spectrum is dipped in a lush orchestral ambient cloud of sound, and backed by the thousands of waves and ocean sunsets that the world has had to contribute to the mix."

Currently, possibilities are being explored as to making a possible debut public release of this album. If there are any interested entities, or if anyone can make a gesture in the direction of any free services, let me know. Updates will be posted as events turn up bearing future promise.

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2006  .  

'New Album: Motif'

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Fourth album 'Motif' concept and recording finalized, album in beta stage. Website refurnished with Motif theme art.

'Anomalous on myspace'

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A short-lived respectability held…until now. Visit anomalous at myspace here.

'New Album: Entropy'

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Third album “Entropy” completed. Website re-furnished with Entropy theme art.

'Second album “The Second Coming” completed.'

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2005  .  

'Website, first edition, crafted and posted.'

'The experimental first full-length album by Anomalous “Dusk of the Great Dawn” is assembled.'

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