Anomalous Leaf


Anomalous Leaf (formerly Anomalous) is the pseudonym of North Carolina-based artist Irfan Azam. Emanating from a household pseudo-studio in the quiet suburbs around Raleigh, NC since 2004, the sound of Anomalous Leaf’s “electro-acoustic ambient space-rock” music sways like the emotion that drives it: elusive, stylistically unbounded, and played in spontaneity.

With ‘Dusk of the Great Dawn’, Anomalous’ premiere collection of musical experimentation completed in late 2005, Azam delved in a style re-burgeoning in the underground post-rock scene—a style reminiscent of such early experimental ventures as Pink Floyd’s ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’—and reflected on the mood of the rather apocalyptic political ambiance of the time. The album set the tone for Anomalous’ expression, both musically and figuratively, and the following three albums, though never publicly released, exhibited similar qualities while at the same time expanding and evolving in a spectrum of styles and thematic overtones.

With Anomalous’ ambitious 2007 release, ‘All Needles Point North’, Azam showcased a prolific hand in producing lush and vibrant soundscapes and melodies delving in a trans-genre spectrum of texture and styles. The album became Anomalous’ debut public label release and garnered a modest online following from across the globe.

In 2009, Azam decided to rebrand his musical venture under its present name, Anomalous Leaf, and hastily sought to establish it by re-issuing his 2008 magnum opus, ‘Embers of November’, under his own independent label after the closing of former online-based TTH Label. Subsequently came a set of albums that drew from a catalogue of unreleased and out-of-print music from the early years of Azam’s musical experimentation.

Anomalous Leaf continues to experiment with new musical styles dabbling in a variety of genres. Recent releases range from avant-garde jazz-rock in 2012’s ‘Darkest Hearth’, new-age space music in 2013’s ‘You Are Here’, and postmodern garage-rock vibes in 2017’s ‘Ellipsis’.




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