Anomalous Leaf
   Anomalous Leaf

to a humble, transcendent, and mostly
inadvertent take on cosmic art

this venture in sonic landscaping is
a cathartic retreat from the realm of popular conformist vibes,
taking on its own as a contrast to the ephemeral figments of
mainstream thought and process in unobtrusive fashion

anomalous leaf is the alias of musical and visual artist irfan azam

emanating from a household pseudo-studio amidst
the sprawling suburbs of peidmont north carolina since 2004,
the peal of his "experimental electro-acoustic ambient space rock”
is fickle like emotion: abstract, visceral, and spontaneous

the playing strays off-kilter, the melodies may not catch,
an off beat goes unchecked, "and the stars look down"

stir, repeat, and enjoy



"Sonic vistas dripping silver honey with an Air of innocence provide the listener affordable space-time shortcuts through the ages. Pleasing, simple yet sophisticated riffs and chords dance in improbable harmonies against an arcadian canvas. A celebration of and homage to ethereal prog-psych-garage traditions lift the initiate to safe, happy landings on soft, lucid clouds of desolation. Lucha libre between Plato and Democritus ultimately results in laughing camaraderie and a sweet trip to the Mad Hatter's tea party! Light, reason and dreams intertwine to challenge confusion, ignorance and darkness. Awake, receive and recede into Ellipsis. Please."
~Neal Spaulding (The Dead Monkeys; Sool) 

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