To be found within the realm of these pages are the online representations of what we, the unhinged individual(s) behind Anomalous Leaf Productions (formerly WhoWorld), have accumulated over the years in terms of creative dissonance in the form of video productions. The making of said videos is one among the experimental leisure-time projects undertaken by solo artist Irfan Azam, performed along with guest members that do pop in from time to time.

It all began one cloudy evening, sometime roughly around 2000, when a webcam attached to a household PC was discovered to have been alive and well, and able to record video.  The creative insanity of yours truly, who is hereto writing an autobiography of his own reclusive history, was sparked, and had soon commenced to ignite into violent flames which have since been blazing afar in the form of the diverse and many videos that have since continued to develop and progress. 

The Who of Evla is a hypothetically valid and
 official name for the video series starring the medieval-classic "Blobs" (the talking fists).  The series was filmed entirely by webcam on an absolute zero budget, sporadically during the course of the seven "WhoWorld" years that followed the sometime-around-2000 mark. The plots and concepts found throughout were based on an eclectic assortment of early sci-fi and comedy television influences, namely that of Doctor Who, The Tripods, h2g2, et al., to produce a bizarre yet hopefully somewhat entertaining viewing experience to anyone troubled with enough ennui to have found this place to begin with, much less to have read this blurb all the way down to this point (see Fig. 1.1).


Fig.1.1 : The Point

The popular video sharing network VousTube (better known in France as YouTube) has been utilized to the advantage of having our home-bred madness reach you (the tube viewer).  Look for updates and new video material to pop up on a not-even-remotely-regular basis under the YouTube user name asautumnistoleaf.  It is my/our uncanny hope that this channel brings a healthy serving of entertainment and enjoyable mental confusion to you for many a present and future time to come.


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